At Coordinated Resources Group, we know time is money and developing an Affirmative Action Plan and annual EEO-1 report can be a time consuming and complex task.  By working with us, we will do the heavy lifting for you.  We offer two comprehensive solutions to effectively and efficiently accomplish this task:

  • SunflowerCoordinated Resources Group produces an industry compliant Affirmative Action Plan and EEO-1 report that takes your company’s individual needs into consideration.  By selecting this option, you can focus on running your business by leaving this important task in our capable hands.
  • We train your staff to design, develop, and implement an Affirmation Action Plan through hands-on learning.  By choosing this option, you not only retain this knowledge in house, but also empower your employees by providing a growth opportunity.

We highly recommend any employer with 100 or more employees and contractors or subcontractors dealing with federal contracts contact us to see whether they need to be developing an Affirmative Action Plan or participating in EEO-1 reporting.  If you are not sure whether you are required to produce an Affirmative Action Plan and EEO-1 report, contact us for a complimentary consultation.