As new laws are passed, old ones are revised, and penalties are higher than ever, it can be stressful for any business to stay in compliance.  We recognize that employers are trying to do right by their employees.  Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt.  It is so important for businesses to do an internal assessment of their current HR practices.  In order to assist with this analysis, we’ve created questions across many areas of HR to help you determine where stand.  If you are unsure how to answer any of the questions below, feel free to reach out to CRG for more information.  We are here to help take the worry out of HR so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

These questions only scratch the surface, but are meant to getting you thinking about how you approach HR.


  • Are you correctly classifying your employees – part time, full time, seasonal, temporary, independent contractor?
  • You are asking appropriate questions during interviews?
  • Do job descriptions exist for all jobs?
  • Are all applicants required to complete an application form?
  • Are I-9 forms and acceptable documentation reviewed annually?
  • Do employment applications refrain from requesting protected information?

Employee Orientation

  • Are expectations clear?
  • Are goals in place?
  • Are policies communicated effectively?
  • Are policies being enforced fairly?
  • When did you last review your employee handbook?
  • Are employees trained on workplace policies and rules?

Wage & Hour

  • Are employees correctly designated as exempt or nonexempt?
  • Are you appropriately monitoring working time?
  • Are paid time off (vacation, holidays, etc.) structures being applied consistently across the company?
  • Are non-exempt employees being compensated fairly for working overtime?


  • If applicable, are your employees able to request protected time off?
  • Are you handling accommodation requests correctly?
  • Is your total compensation package in alignment with your competition and in compliance with all laws?
  • Are Summary Plan Descriptions provided to plan participants?

Employee Relations

  • Are desk audits conducted to evaluate the quality and quantity of the work being performed?
  • Is a progressive discipline process in place to address policy violations?
  • Do employees know where and how to file a workplace complaint?
  • Has your organization created a whistleblower policy?

Health & Safety

  • Are measures in place to prevent workplace violence?
  • Are employees encouraged to promptly report incidents and suggest ways to reduce or eliminate risks?
  • Do you follow OSHA rules consistent with your work environment and industry?

Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

  • Are all employees trained on discrimination, bullying, and harassment issues?
  • Do employees know how and where to report an issue?
  • Are managers and supervisors trained to properly handle and investigate complaints?
  • Does your organization promote a retaliation free work environment?

Recordkeeping & Retention

  • Are personnel files up to date and current?
  • Are employee files accurate and managed appropriately?
  • How often do you purge documents and follow record retention laws?
  • Are all local, state, and federal labor posters displayed in a high traffic location?
  • Have the posters been updated within the last year?

Employee Separation

  • Are exit interviews conducted effectively?
  • Do you follow an employee separation checklist?
  • Are separation, state continuation, and COBRA notices provided on time?
  • Are final paychecks provided on time?

Call CRG for more information if you answered “no” or “unsure” to any of these questions.  CRG can take the fuss out of HR.  Our HR consulting department focuses on people and processes.