We know you are busy professionals with limited time on your hands.  By working with us, you are demonstrating your commitment to HR and bettering your company.  We know your services, products, approach to business, customers, and goals are different from any other company on the market.  In a time efficient way, we identify the root cause, formulate an action plan, and implement it.  By turning to a professional, you save valuable time, cost, and resources.

We can customize HR to fit your company culture while complying with the laws.  At CRG, we believe in approaching HR from a holistic perspective.  We focus on compliance with the intention of creating and maintaining an engaged workforce.  Whether we are reviewing your

  • leave system for efficiency and compliance
  • bench marking your pay and benefits
  • reviewing a important company policy
  • doing a classification review (exempt or nonexempt)

– count on us to go above and beyond to provide guidance and the answers you are seeking.  At a reasonable cost, we help businesses navigate those grey areas of HR with confidence.

The services listed on our website are just the tip of the iceberg.  We narrowed our approach to include the fundamentals and foundational pieces on our website.  Whether you not quite sure what you need or you do not see what you are looking for here, contact us today to schedule a consultation with us.  Since we do not take a canned approach, we can customize our services to address your specific needs.  Be scheduling a consultation with us, we can identify what steps are necessary for improvement.  If we are unable to handle your needs internally, we can recommend you speak with one of our many community partners.

Our goal is to address your short and long term needs.  We encourage you to contact us today to start to begin the process of turning good into great!