Debbie 1Accountant

Debbie serves as our accountant.  She has worked in the accounting field her entire career.  She originally attended University of Oregon where she received her degree in accounting.  Right away, she applied for and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which she maintains to this day.  Her analytical skills are a great addition to the organization.  On her birthday, CRG always surprises her with cupcakes – her favorite treat.

She was born and raised in California.  She loves Oregon, but does miss her birthplace on occasion.  However, her husband, Sean, and daughter, Kiana, try to visit California as often as possible.  She once spent a total of three months in Europe when Sean’s company sent him over to work on a project.  They love traveling and will never forget her experience in Europe.  They also attempt to fly down to Hawaii at least once a year.