FishingA good employment relationship starts with a great handbook!

At Coordinated Resources Group, we know that HR has a significant impact on the long-term health of any company.  Organizations rely heavily on their people to turn a profit and provide quality products and services to its customers.  In order to maintain morale and retain top talent, a company must invest in its employees.  Investing in your employees should start with the basics from day one.  We want to see your employees succeed just as much as you do.  Turn to us for any of the following:

For instance, the creation of a well designed employee handbook has been proven to reduce the risk of:

  • Wrongful termination suits
  • Discrimination claims
  • Leave disputes

A clear and concise employee handbook:

  • Effectively communicates workplace policies and expectations
  • Reduces liability and exposure
  • Limits workplace disputes
  • Ensures compliance with city, state, and federal laws
  • Reflects what the employer actually does
  • Reduces confusion

At CRG, we strongly believe these are pillars in establishing a productive working relationship.  While each employee has a different personality and work ethic, they collectively thrive when these building blocks are in place.  CRG believes all of these components are interconnected.  When you work with CRG, we can help you with each of these components or individual ones.  However, we will ensure that whichever piece we work on will work with all of the other pieces.

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