ocean_hillsideProSential Ben Admin, powered by bswift, offers a wide array of software products and services to meet all of your benefits, HR and payroll needs. Whether you’re looking for a fully outsourced service, a set of tools to complement an existing ERP system or something in between, our user-friendly, highly configurable technology enables us to offer the most efficient, intelligent and cost-effective software and outsourcing solutions available on the market today.

How It Works:

The HR Manager:

  • Directs employees to a self-service enrollment Website
  • Generates online standard and custom reports

The Employee:

  • Enters demographic information
  • Views side-by-side benefit plan comparisons
  • Easily accesses answers to all benefits questions
  • Enrolls in benefits online

The System:

  • Electronically transmits election data to carriers and payroll/HRIS/ERP systems
  • Provides online access to provider directories and plan documents
  • Generates a confirmation statement for each employee
  • Answers subsequent benefits questions online