Account Executive

Deby Butzer joined the CRG team in 2016. She loves helping people understand and navigate health insurance. This excitement for what CRG does and her passion for helping those we serve, made her an ideal fit for the organization. Her drive and ambition to serve our clients aligns with our company culture and the goals we are striving to achieve.

She has many years of experience working for agencies of our size, shape and structure. Also, she worked for Oregon’s major health carriers since 1979 and then in the early 1990’s decided to try something new by working with her husband as a long haul truck driver. They took to the road and had the rare chance to see much of the United States between deliveries. They were inspired by their time sightseeing and visiting new cities and destinations across many states. Although they no longer work in trucking, they plan to continue to see more of the landscapes and attractions that our country has to offer. Deby returned to health insurance a few years later, but decided to try something new by taking a job with a broker in 2001. She has now worked on the broker’s side since then. As a result, she brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a well-rounded background to CRG.

Deby has been married to her husband for over 30 years. In addition, they live with their two dogs – Yogi, a Havanese, and Kiki, a Chihuahua Terrier Mix. In addition, she always welcomes the opportunity to play with her grandchildren. They are so much fun to be around! At night, she will flip on the TV to watch a well-known show called Shark Tank. This particular TV program engages and intrigues her because of her interest in learning how and why people start businesses. She enjoys spending time in her garden, adding to it with colorful flowers, veggies, fruits and other beautiful plants. It was just a few years ago when she fell in love with the voice of her favorite artists, Elvis Presley. She could listen to Elvis gospel all day long and plans to someday visit Graceland where she will be immersed in the history and legends of one of America’s greatest musical icons.

Individual, Family & Life Plans

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