window1OptumHR, powered by i-enroller, leverages the strengths of the Internet and interactive PDF technology to deliver an automated enrollment solution that’s ready in days…not weeks or months. The solution’s document-centric approach is readily received by enrollees, allowing you to efficiently manage enrollment while enhancing the enrollee experience.


  • Branded with your logo
  • Customized to Your Benefit Offerings
  • Multiple Carrier Outputs
  • Optional Employee Election Summaries
  • Engineered for Small and Large Groups
  • Employees can see the cost and benefits of multiple insurance plans.
  • Different classes can be set-up so information is specific to each employee


  • Reduce costs and time associated with enrolling employees in benefit plans
  • Ensure all needed information is provided so that enrollment is complete
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Eliminates Multiple Enrollment Forms
  • Secure Enrollment that is Simple to Use