TowerSafety in the workplace is one of the first areas to be overlooked, but also one of the most fundamental for the longevity of your
business.  It’s so important to be proactive about safety in the workplace.  If a disaster or emergency struck, would you be prepared to handle it?

CRG will work with your company to prepare a safety plan to mitigate risks and to respond to hazards when they are outside of your control.

Why care about safety in the workplace?

According to OSHA, In 2012, 4,628 workers were killed on the job in the United States.  By breaking it down, that equates to 89 a week or more than 12 deaths each day.  Those numbers can be reduced through greater safety training, safety audits, and general education about creating and maintaining a safe working environment.  At CRG, we focus on reducing those numbers and Workers’ Compensation claims by helping our clients hold productive safety meetings, stay up to date on safety training, and engaging and rewarding employees for their involvement in the creation of a safe workplace.

We can review safety program and recommend best practices for the following industries:

  • General industry (office & Clerical)
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

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